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CICON is more than just an international trading house specialized in hardwoods. CICON is your direct link to some of the best hardwood products in the world. Products designed to match up with your unique needs. Quality beyond borders.

Timber from all over the world

  • Kiln dried and rough sawn European White Oak, Ash and Beech. Available in more thicknesses and available unedged, edged as well as fixed width strips. Always FSC® or PEFC certified.
  • We run an exclusive program in kiln dried 27mm European White Oak designed for the flooring industry and offer this in fixed widths as well as fixed lengths graded per the France grading rules. All grades from QF5 to QF1a/b available. Always FSC or PEFC certified.
  • Kiln dried and rough sawn lumber in all famous American species such as White oak, Black Walnut, Hard Maple, Red Oak, White Ash, Black Cherry and many more. We offer all standard grades as per the NHLA grading rules as well as we adopt to special requests if possible to achieve.
  • Services: All standard thicknesses from 4/4” through 16/4” are available RWL (random widths and lengths). All 4/4” products are also available pulled to width (either pulled full to width or pulled +/- 0.5”), straight line ripped two edges with no wane, chopped to length and/or S2S (hit/miss). We welcome any special requests.
  • We offer many of the species as cut-to-size components as well. Ripped to width and chopped to length after drying.
  • Rift & Quartersawn White Oak, Red Oak, Black Walnut, Black Cherry and Hard Maple available.
  • Mixed containers (species and sizes) available.
  • Decking in Cumaru, Ipe, Jatoba as well as several other hardwood species. Available both air dried and kiln dried. All species available FSC® certified upon request.
  • Sawn timber and cut-to-size components in Jatoba and several other species. Available both air dried and kiln dried as well as FSC certified upon request.
  • Sawn timber and cut-to-size components in Merbau and several other species. Available both air dried and kiln dried as well as can be offered FSC®, PEFC and/or FLEGT certified subject to availability.
  • Decking in Bangkirai and Merbau. Available both air dried and kiln dried. Available FLEGT certified upon request.
  • Edgeglued panels – with or without fingerjoints – in several hardwood species.
  • Kiln dried Nemesu and Meranti Batu to be used among other things for windows.
  • Engineered flooring in customized boxes. All manufactured according to the highest quality standards and with a moisture content to fit each single market. Good for heated subfloors. All flooring is available with L2C stickers on each box to confirm license has been paid to Unilin and/or Välinge for the lock profile. Possible upgrade to pine core and special treatments available as brush, stain, varnish and/or oil. Surfaces available with European White Oak as well as Russian/American White Oak in various grades to meet all requirements. Various widths available: 189/190/220/260mm.

Also engineered strip and fishbone flooring is available.

  • Through our office in China we also offer the service of making on-site inspections for any products prior to shipment. Many companies want to buy in China but are reluctant to do so because rightfully being nervous about the quality and travelling to China to inspect every single shipment is not realistic. Together with our Chinese office a strict protocol is developed and our graders will carefully inspect the product(s) and in details fill out your protocol enabling you to understand exactly what is found on-site and thus allowing you to evaluate whether the products fulfill the contract terms or not. Buy in China with confidence!

Our years of presence in China have allowed us to develop a huge portfolio of products. If you are looking for any products made in China please give us a try before searching your own unknown suppliers.